GIZ Water commits to support 20 students over three years at the first fundraising event of the Water Technician Fund

The number of students - in particular female students - studying at the Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI)) has significantly increased. Female enrolment is up from less than 5% in 2010 to 23% in 2015, mainly a result of the student financing facility provided by the Water Technician Fund (WTF). Officially registered in 2013 as a Trustee Fund, the WTF is effectively operating since 2015 when it received an initial grant of 300 million TZS from its main patron MoWI.

GIZ Water Programme Manager shaking hands with the Minister of Water and Irrigation

This was one of the encouraging announcements made by the Minister for Water and Irrigation, Eng. Gerson Lwenge (MP), in his speech delivered during the fundraising event for the WTF, held on Saturday July 16th 2016 at the Campus of the WDMI. The event was officiated by the Minister for the Environment on behalf of the Guest of Honour, Vice President honourable Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan.

The amount collected during this first fundraising event was satisfying with TZS 636,254,000/=, which is well above the expected half-a-billion Shillings.  The main contributor appears to be the Ministry of Water itself, which pledged a contribution of TZS 310,000,000/=. The GIZ Water Programme made a commitment of paying the tuition fees for 20 students for their full 3-years’ technician course.

GIZ’s interest and active support to the Water Technician Fund is very much in line with its overall support to the reforms in the water sector in Tanzania. Through its assistance to the WDMI and the WTF, GIZ contributes to improving the number and quality of graduates – especially female students from low-income families - that will become available in the water sector.

In addition to supporting the establishment of the Trustee Fund, GIZ continues the institutional strengthening and organizational development of the WTF. The GIZ Water Programme was among those individuals and institutions that received a certificate of appreciation.