The Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers

Participants in the first session of the Annual Water Conference 2014 in Arusha

Steffen Petruch is working as an Integrated Expert for organisational development with ATAWAS and support the Secretariat of the Association to offer demanded services to the water suppliers in an economical way.

Support to ATAWAS - the Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers

The Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers (ATAWAS) supports water service and sanitation providers in Tanzania to improve their performance.  The activities and services are offered on a voluntary basis and focus on capacity development, information sharing and networking as well as resource mobilisation. Over the last years, ATAWAS Secretariat was able to expand its service portfolio and employ more staff to take over new tasks. 


  • Implementation of an organisational development plan for the secretariat to operate in an effective and business-oriented way
  • Setting-up a mechanism which offer Capacity Development to members in a flexible and demand oriented way
  • Establishing and managing Expert Groups in various relevant fields of the Tanzanian water and sanitation sector
  • Resource mobilisation through partnerships and cooperations
  • Preparing a knowledge management system for the Association and its members

The key activities for the year 2015 include:

  • Numerous training workshops in: Application of GIS for water and sanitation services, Pump operation and maintenance, Non-Revenue Water reduction, Financial management
  • Hosting the Annual Water Conference 2015 (AWAC) on Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Publishing the Tanzania Water and Sanitation magazine biannually
  • Organising Expert Groups for the key topics Energy Efficiency and Non-revenue Water
  • Providing Standard Operating procedures for utility operations in English and Swahili
  • Releasing a network newsletter every month and maintaining the website with useful information about the sector

Under its umbrella The Association has unified all 24 regional Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities including DAWASCO, the 8 national projects and nearly every District and Small town Authority. Currently, the ATAWAS network today counts 186 members including affiliate and individual members from private sector companies, research and education institutions, NGOs, etc.

For more information visit the association's website: