Adapting the Fit for School approach for Tanzania

Children participating in the Group Handwashing exercise at Nelson Mandela School

The Fit for School approach is based on the principles of simplicity, sustainability and scalability. It was developed by GIZ and first implemented in schools in four Southeast Asian countries. The approach targets behavioral change through group-based activities (e.g. daily hand washing, daily tooth brushing, and bi-annual deworming). Furthermore, it emphasizes on school-based management to strengthen operation and maintenance processes of sanitation infrastructure and the school environment in general. Tanzania is the first African country to pilot the Fit for School approach. Together with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocation (MoEST) and UNICEF, GIZ developed an adapted approach for Tanzania which is tested in 20 schools in Moshi and Temeke and in further districts where UNICEF is active since June 2015.

The current approach includes the following interventions:

  • Introduction of daily supervised group hand washing with soap
  • Creating a healthy school environment
  • Rehabilitation of existing sanitation facilities 
  • Education on hygiene, including establishing and training school WASH clubs
  • Training of teachers, government officials, parents and children
  • Creating ownership of FIT approach with public stakeholders (LGAs, Ministries)

Objective: An adapted Fit for School approach is tested in Tanzania and ready for upscaling by the Tanzanian government.

Currently supported activities include:

  • Support the National SWASH coordinator of the Ministry of Education to finalize the National SWASH Programme
  • Continue working in 20 pilot schools with 5602 (2805 M 2797 F) children in Moshi and 11544 pupils (6122 girls and 5422 boys) in Temeke, 
  • Potential extension of FIT to 12 more schools with government support

Previous activities include:

  • Showcased the group Hand Washing Facilities (HWF) during the sanitation week in Njombe in November 2015
  • Installed 86 group hand washing facilities in 10 pilot schools in Temeke, Dar es Salaam and 94 HWF in 10 schools in Moshi district and municipality.

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