Support to Babati Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority

While only half of the 90,000 inhabitants of Babati have access to water at their homes, there is a continuous influx of people into this regional centre of Manyara Region. With Migration flowing from rural areas, this intensifies the need for stable water supply and functioning sanitation facilities in the area. This is an additional challenge for the recently founded Babati Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (BAWASA), which must continue to invest in water supply network infrastructure while maintaining the existing system.

As support, an Integrated Expert (CIM) is working as an institutional advisor with BAWASA on a long term basis. This position is embedded in the Seven Towns Urban Upgrading Programme (7TUUP) jointly implemented by GIZ and KfW.


The objective is to enhance capacities of staff and management and implement activities to reduce technical and commercial water losses and ensure financial sustainability.

Capacity development focuses on:

  • Setting-up an in-house training plan to enhance capacities of line management and third-level staff in commercial and technical operations
  • Implementing a comprehensive Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction programme
  • Establishing District-Meter-Areas (DMAs) to effectively control and operate efficient water supply and to reduce water losses
  • Introducing a modular billing and customer administration database linked to accounting software
  • Introducing a GIS system for network mapping of network infrastructure and customers

Activities included:

  • The implementation of a “Non-Revenue Water Reduction Guideline and Managing Manual” and NRW Strategic Plan
  • The establishment of a NRW Section as part of the organisational structure of BAWASA to coordinate and instruct common activities of technical and commercial Non-Revenue Water reduction procedures, and to monitor activities and performance indicators of the NRW Strategic Plan
  • The implementation and use of [EasyCalc] Water Balance software in order to calculate and analyse performance indicators
  • Water Meter Management through regular meter replacement, calibration and maintenance
  • Regular network inspections and leak detection on main trunks and service lines
  • District-Meter-Area pilot projects under operation
  • GIS Mapping of BAWASA water supply network and infrastructure, customer connection and DMA zoning
  • Monthly on time customer billing information through SMS via mobile phone provider systems
  • Full operation of a modular customer administration and billing database based on SQL-Server technology, user interfaces, and MIS reporting
  • Regular monthly in-house training of third level staff in technical and commercial operations through class room and hands-on exercises
  • Management skills training in-house and in cooperation with external institutions and consultants