Regional Secretariat (RS) Kilimanjaro

EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) presenting blue diversion toilet at sanitation workshop in Moshi in January 2015

The ‘Assistant Administrative Secretary (AAS) Water Section’ has the task to support any water utilities in Local Government Authorities (LGAs) of the Kilimanjaro Region with advice in their technical, financial and management operations. Further it has to monitor and regulate WASH activities in the LGAs through regular reports to central Government.

For these tasks the ASS’s office is supposed to be staffed with five engineers, of which always only two have been available in Kilimanjaro Region. Therefore the RS Kilimanjaro had already requested in 2008 for advisory support from GIZ (former DED). Currently the post is filled with the third generation of Development Advisor who have always found their specific focus of operation.


The RS has the capacities to guide, monitor and regulate successfully all WASH activities in the LGAs of Kilimanjaro Region and the utilities’ operations and sustainability have been improved.

The main focus of the component is on:

  • Strengthening capacities and capabilities of the RS Water Section for fulfilling its tasks.
  • Support to water utilities and LGAs of Kilimanjaro Region with their technical, financial and management operations. The target partner organizations are the water utilities of Moshi, Mwanga and Same, rural Water User Associations (WUA) like Hai or Kilema as well as the Moshi Municipality. 

Recent activities included:

  • Assistance to Kilema WUA with the billing system, customer database, book keeping and bank reconciliation;
  • Support and advice on implementation of Fit For School approach at 10 primary schools in Moshi Urban and Moshi Rural Council; re-design group hand-washing facilities, tender and supervise production and installation in cooperation with Moshi Councils and Childreach NGO;
  • Promote improvements on sanitation governance and service chains in collaboration with Moshi Urban Water Supply Authority (MUWSA), Regional Secretariat and Moshi Municipality who signed  a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation; 
  • Sanitation workshop with participants from Moshi and abroad (Kenya, Switzerland, South Africa); 
  • Sludge (Shit) Flow Diagram (SFD) developed for better promotion of sanitation issues in town; 
  • The SFD was presented by Moshi Municipal Council representative at AfricaSan in Dakar/Senegal in May 2015 and by GIZ at The 3rd International Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM3) in Hanoi/Vietnam in January 2015;
  • Ongoing preparations for the execution of a city-wide sanitation survey in Moshi.