Support to Lake Nyasa Basin Water Board

Lake Nyasa Basin Water Board (LNBWB) as one of the 9 water basins in the country was established in 2002. The GIZ-Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) provides the Basin Offices with technical equipment and training opportunities.

However, this does not yet fully translate into adequate data collection and data processing procedures. One of the current challenges is that the Basin Water Board does not have a complete overview on the quantity and quality of available surface- and groundwater resources. Therefore, a surface water resources monitoring network is currently being installed to partly address this lack of information. The collection, analysis and processing of data – a key function of the Basin Offices – needs further training and adequate work procedures for fieldwork, IT processing and data interpretation. This will lay the ground for the implementation and regular updating of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) as foreseen by the Water Resources Management Act.

Once data is adequately processed and information about the status of the water resources and its development is generated, adequate ways of informing the public have to be adopted in order to allow water users to actually benefit from the improved database.

This also includes the possible impacts of climate change on the availability of water resources, both seasonally and geographically for the quantification of which, it is even more important to have reliable data series. A functional IWRM will help identifying adaptive strategies and practices a task, for which the basins are not yet sufficiently capacitated.

The main focus of the GIZ-Development Advisor, who started working in the basin in June 2014, is to provide support to the Basin Water Board, through training and advisory services on:

  • Conceptual and technical support on data collection, storage, processing and analysis (including both technical data and water user database),
  • Strengthening of internal procedures 
  • Development of information products for stakeholders (translating technical data into digestive messages for the public).



If you want to get more information on Water Resource Management and the Water Basins, please have a look at our factsheets.