Support to Lake Rukwa Basin Water Board

The Basin Water Board in Mbeya assesses, protects and equitably allocates water resources to different water users of Lake Rukwa and its tributaries. It directly involves water users and government institutions from different sectors in the participatory management of water resources through its board and by forming water user associations. Its activities and the roles of stakeholders are guided by the Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Plan.

However, the effective implementation of this plan is often hampered by inadequate resources, missing capacities and a lack of understanding by stakeholders about their roles, responsibilities and opportunities to participate in managing water resources. Moreover, stakeholders often do not adequately consider the assessment of water resources by the Board in their decision-making. In several basins a lack of necessary data can be observed.

In addition to that, it is known that the changing climate will have an influence, both temporally and geographically, on the availability of water resources, a fact that has not yet received the required attention. These challenges call for enhanced communication and coordination between stakeholders and the pro-active dissemination of relevant information.

Therefore, the Basin Water Board has requested GIZ for further support through the deployment of a Development Advisor, within the framework of the Component on “Water Resources Management under conditions of Climate Change” of the GIZ water Programme. The contributions of the Development Advisor helps increasing the Board’s performance in fulfilling its core functions, mainly by improving the Board’s capacity to effectively communicate with stakeholders.
The results and experiences made by advising the two local boards, shall be transmitted to learn from to the other basins as well as to the responsible national organization’s in the sector.


Lake Rukwa Basin Water Board effectively implements climate-sensitive Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Plans and coordinates climate-related activities in the water basin.

The main focus of the Development Advisor is on:

  1. Providing advice for the development of a communication strategy and awareness raising campaigns.
  2. Facilitating planning processes for the design of specific measures and project proposals which address Water Resource Management and adaptation to Climate Change.
  3. Providing conceptual advice for the development of operational links with basin stakeholders, particularly with regard to basin-wide climate change dialogue.

Recent activities included:

  1. Development of four-page "policy briefs" for Local Government Authorities, which will provide information on Water Resources for decision-makers and administrators outside the water sector. 
  2. Assessment and implementation of an adequate IT infrastructure for Basin Water Boards.
  3. Implementation of a basin dialogue mechanism on Climate Change Adaptation with dialogue forums on basin level and climate change trainings.

If you want to get more information on Water Resource Management and the Water Basins, please have a look at our factsheets.